The pretzel that built
an empire.

What better way to
spoil dinner than
this sweet treat.
Classic and all-time
favourite. Blend of fine
cinnamon powder with
sugar coating the
buttered pretzel.

Tastefully coated with
toasted Almond toffee
crunch, together with
signature Caramel dip.

Savory treat
with garlic powder.


Combination of
Chocolate and Mint,
a surprising treat
to your taste bud.

A whole new way
of experiencing the
sweetness of raisin
with cinnamon powder.

Rich chocolate coated
pretzel leaving you
a handful of chocolate
but you will come back
asking for more!

Original pretzel with
baked on dry
seaweed flakes.



Pair your ocha with
our Green Tea pretzel?


Hot and spicy.
Feel the heat.

Sour Cream powder
sprinkled on something
other than potato chips.

Crispy and delicious
sesame seeds baked
into Auntie Anne's pretzel.

Parmesan cheese
baked to golden brown
perfect aroma and